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First, i will say give a very big kudos to the team and everyone that made it up. First step to success is to try, not to try at all is the ultimate fail. My passion for robot and virtual programming all became one set when the big boss Silas gave his standing ovation presentation at just concluded techplus conference some weeks back. He became motivation to me and some other futuristic Nigerian youths there present that beautiful evening. Over and over in my head i began to imagine and sketch out the importance of great benefits in which robotics could bring into real life scenario of problems solving, in all facets of daily life activities, such as selling and buying transacts, medicals and pharmaceutical, engineering and technology development, transportation and in the paramount side of safety (security). All this puzzles can all be solve and we can all great achieve great importance from it. With the right team, you achieve right goal. keep the the good work and please don’t forget the grassroots where talent dies daily due to bad utilization. Johnson


My name is Brian Kimani ,an engineering student in kenya and a huge robotics fan.I am really honoured to be part of the mekamon community because i feel that this is where i belong with the greatest robotics minds.i have also built my own robots ,the one that i have now is a voice controlled robot which takes pictures via a jpeg camera and maneuvers around all with the command of my voice.
I know that we will get to share a lot with all of you…and once again thank you so so much for involving me in your community.


Hey Brian! Great to have you here! Share some pictures of your robots, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to!