Weapon and Shield Slots in "MEKAMON WAR"




ROBOT WAR with different weapon!
(The weapons rotate or strike in real activated by the app that activates a small motor in weapons or similar)
The soldier model and commander model are to big and and must match to the Mekamon

  1. CIRCULAR WEAPON: at the front right foot is a circular weapon which is infected at the foot and is switched on in the APP.
  2. HAMMER WEAPONS: On the left forefoot is a striking hammer that strikes up and down! Also activated in the app!
  3. FLIPPER WEAPONS: with this weapon you can use under a Mekamon and by activating in the APP he lifts his leg quickly and can knock over Mekamon and deal a lot of damage to the soldier who controls the Mekamon or his weapons.
    SHIELD 4: A shield to keep other Mekamon weapons at a distance. If a shield is stretched out towards the enemy, HAMMER Waffe and CIRCULAR Waffe cannot hit the MEKAMON and its soldiers. This module on 4 feet can be used in the later PAINTBALL game to avoid being hit by paint balls from the attachable weapon.


The following rules apply to “MEKAMON WAR” for up to 3 Teams and without a playerlimit on a real life battlefield

  1. In the APP, the MEKAMON will only move at a certain height so that the attachable and movable weapons can only do damage to figures or other weapons. the foremost leg with the weapon and soldier modul can also only be used in a fairly vertical position to keep the weapons and soldiers as vertical as possible.

  2. every Mechpilot can equip the following modules:
    a. a commander with the lance in the middle of the Mekamon body
    b. 2 soldiers to any foot
    c. and finally at the last 2 feet CIRCULAR weapons or HAMMER weapons or FLIPPER weapons or SHIELDS

  3. the aim of the fighting parties is to shoot the enemy soldiers (be held with a magnet or something else) and the commander with a spear

  4. at the end of a match after time or if all were switched off, a winner is determined and gets 3 points in the later coming ESL league… hehe

  5. Guilds and Clans can paint her own EMBLEM on the accessories and also paint her own Color to the soldiers and commander! The weapons and Shields and Soldier and Commander what People can buy are all in WHITE color

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another idea:
develop the LANZE and the Commander as PAINTBALL weapons with real color balls or for MEKAMON WAR normal balls.
This PAINTBALL weapon releases a mechanism from which the spring runs forward and ejects the paint ball or normal ball! Activate by the APP for the respective weapon slot.

the mechanically part with the spring is only a idea… it gives better technicaly ideas …:wink: