Toss AR playmats?


With the arrival of MekaMon V2, is it okay for us V1 owners to chuck the playmats, or is there anything we should hold onto them for, other than sentimental reasons? :slight_smile:


You should be okay to chuck it! :upside_down_face:

Since AR tech has matured since V1 came out, we no longer need the play mat for world tracking, and V2 no longer has the playmat bundled in - meaning going foward, I can’t imagine anything we develop would require it!

…so you should be good! Recycle it, turn it into a hat, do what you want :slight_smile:


I’ve been using mine as work surface mats to protect my desk. Good for keeping screws from rolling around. Excellent soldering protection.


@Benerator Yeah as Jacob says its good to get rid of it now.

@MekaPlayerOne yeah we use them all over the place as protective mats and mouse mats. We have alot of them.


Maybe I can use them to reupholster my couch…


I’m starting to think we have let you have to many robots!!! :yum:

Might have to send someone round to check on them.