Techno lacking mum


Hi guys

Hope you can help me, as I’m coming up against a bit of a brick wall. I’ve just ordered a mekamon for my son, and he’s too young for a phone, so I need a tablet to control it. Looking on the ARCore list of approved devices (has to be android) the only tablets I recognise are Samsung Tab S3/S4, and these are 2/3 times more expensive than the robot. Can anyone tell me of a cheap android tablet that they use, or will be good for purpose please? Thank you so much, I’m really not very savvy with this sort of thing at all…



Hi Nicola,

For someone claiming to not be very tech savvy, you’re actually spot-on with what you’ve found! Unfortunately, for two reasons, AR on an Android tablet is not very common: 1) very few Android tablets are made at the moment, and 2) the number of ARCore compatible devices is still fairly low.

The only other option on the supported devices list I can see is the Acer Chromebook Tab 10, but I’ve never used this device, so no idea how well the Android app would work on it, and looking at its specs, it probably isn’t the right solution.

Some other ideas are:

  • The rest of the app (without AR) should run fine on any fairly recent Android devices–could he do that then borrow another, more recent, family device for AR?
  • Could you get him a phone instead of a tablet, and just not put a SIM in it?

Sorry that I can’t suggest a better solution at the moment.


Thank you, I think I will have to go for a phone without a sim. It’s not ideal, on the basis that I’m sure he’ll smuggle a phone to school and lose it, fingers crossed he doesn’t lol


What about samsung s7 , 8 and 9 ?