Swift disconnection + questions


i keep getting disconnected from swift every 15sec or so, i constantly need to reconnect to the ipad :confused:
Also when im playing in swift, the battery drain like crazy (?) Anybody else got this problem ?

im not done yet with swift introduction as i keep getting disconnected so i was wondering if at some point we can edit the current bot configuration using swift ? i SOOO would like to turn off or remove the intro routine movement (just start, stand up and thats it), and also create and replace some movement (movement editor + save option seems to be missing in the app, that would be really bad if we can not create our own movement and share them or at least add them in the move list…)


Hey S199,

Do you have similar disconnect issues with any other mobile device?



unfortunatelly i only have one ipad to test, all my devices are android devices.
ill retry later today with a full battery.


Hey S199,

Thats fine, the MekaMon App is on both IOS and Android.

Could you send me the two serial numbers inside your robots battery case, one should start with 101 and the other with 001.



im not being disconnected from the app, im getting disconnected from swift playground :confused:ill send you the serial number as soon as i have my robot with me, im currently at work :slight_smile:


hmmmm, so the robot works perfectly fine on the normal MekaMon app, no drop outs? The issue is just with the swift playground?

Wait you don’t take your robot to work with you?? I do!


app works perfectly, problem only occur in swift, there is also a refresh problem, when i play the script the image/animation on the right just dissapear, i need to go to previous page then back to re-active the image. Not a big deal tho.

there is not much reason i take it to work :slight_smile: im not into that AR thing, so as long as we cant create/add/save new movement, new routines etc im not too sure what i would do with it at work :wink: if i cant modify the inside (prog etc) i will simply add an arduino or any controller on the outside shield and add my own weaponery to turn my bot into some kind of rebel robot that will interfer with the current system and sabotage it big time :slight_smile: mad max style !


Hey s199,

When did you download the Swift Playground app? We released a new version around the end of November, which addressed some disconnection/reconnection issues.



downloaded last week around 14 december or so


P/N 101-PA-000198-AA-01
second serial do not start with 001
SN : 2017091906336

found the missing serial (inside the bot)


Thanks S199.

A little stumped here. If we had the same issue on app and playground we would blame the hardware, but if the app is working fine its not likely a hardware issue.

Could you take a video or a screen shot of the playground when the issue occurs.



ok i made a video but its not really revelant in any way :confused:
Basically, i am in Swift playground, in the ARMOUR UP tab, and after 2min the right side of the screen (with drawing and connection icon) just dissapear (robot disconnect), i need to go back to the menu then back again to the code page to reactivate the graphic and reconnect to the bot. its like that every 2 min.

ps : sent you the video via pm


Thanks for the dm.

Hmm cant say I’ve seen this before. Sadly the guys who handle swift playground are off till the 2nd of Jan so wont get any fixes till after then.