Some new feature suggestions


I’ve been giving the MekaMon app some thought after the V2 release, and came up with a couple suggestions of things that I thought could be nice to see in the future…

  • In Freedrive, it would be nice if we could save custom settings.

  • In MekaMotion, it would be cool if users could control the head LED. It’s neat how expressive it is in the animations when you add and remove shields, and I could see it being fun to play around with in MekaMotion.

  • In AR Skirmish, is there any way when gameplay is paused to be able to keep the gamefield and effects visible instead of going to a pause screen? It’d be cool to be able to pause a game mid-battle and be able to walk around the battlefield, maybe get a closer look at some of the 3D models. If not in AR Skirmish, maybe some sort of Demo mode?

  • Alternatively, a cool feature would be some type of AR index (a la the “Pokedex”) of the various 3D models (static or possibly animated) that a user could walk around and view, like what was done previously with the MekaAcademy AR tour. Maybe even some 3D models of previous iterations of the MekaMon, like exhibits in an AR museum.


Hey man. Nice ideas.

  • This is already done and will be in the Christmas release.
  • That’s an interesting idea. The only issue is that moving forward, we intend to let the player use these animations in other parts of the app. Those other apps may already be using the head for things (AR tracking, a game mechanic, etc), so it could cause problems.
  • That’s a nice idea. We’ll look into it, though it would probably be a 2019 thing.
  • We’re releasing some new content under Discovery in the Christmas release. We’ve actually been talking about putting some content like this in later down the line.


As long as we’re talking future features, something I always wondered… Are there any plans to add augmented reality to Battle Mode? Or does tracking of multiple Mekas make this too complex to implement?