Robot collections?


Does anyone here collect robots? I’ve been a collector for about two years now and have a lot of random stuff from Sony aibos (old models) to various robots I had as a kid, two of which I still have from back then. Collecting has been a great hobby for me and I’ve met great friends from Discord and Youtube for it. For any of you that are robot collectors, what do you collect?


Not so much with actual robots, most of the 'bots I collect are of the toy variety (Transformers, Gundam, etc.) I do have a few Cozmos and Combat Creatures Attacknids, if consumer-grade robots count :slight_smile:


I’ve always thought that Gundam would be fun to build as I love puzzles, painting, any sort of building models. I’ve definitely considered buying Cozmo or Vector but end up buying more aibos instead. I do collect some Wowwee stuff and old Hasbro bots too.