Red robot please


Hey so i keep seeing the red robot and yellow etc. Why can’t I buy that? I get white and black but grey? Over red…seems crazy. Any updates please?

Also is there a user review of v2 ?

And is v1 the same as v2 with an update?

Thanks …keep up the good work!



The red and yellow model was actually a pre-development model created for internal use, thanks for your feedback though, we’ll definitely be taking these thoughts into consideration in the future - what is it do you think about the brighter colours that would draw you to it more?

V2 user reviews are up on our Amazon page

V2 is generally more stable, with some internal leg hardware redesigns making them more durable - V2 also runs some firmware features that V1 cannot - all app features work with both versions however!


That’s good to know but a shame. Well black and white are predictable but boring. If you had produced coloured decals and attachments that make sense but that’s not the case yet.

Red is danger and exciting so immediately says don’t mess with me which for a war bot makes sense.

A good example is the isobot. Black and white and sold poorly. But the rare green ones and world map variant prototypes looked amazing. Its a fun toy not an apple watch so people want variety.

To showcase an exciting new product which takes risks only to then play it safe is sad though I understand why simple inoffensive colour schemes are commercially more viable.

I now expect new tech to be boring so I want to be challenged. You’ve made an exciting product but given the most unexciting or conventional colour schemes and upgrade options.
I hope that changes. Though I guess we can mod them and paint the plastic but too fidly for most.

Eitherway well done for even trying though not having a red version was a mistake imo.