New to Mekamon, got V1 as V2 was going to cost me $200 more



Just ordered the V1 of Mekamon, would have loved the V2, but, for me, with exchange rates and fees would have been $200 more, so had to settle for V1.

I understand it gets the same updates as v2 anyway.

Now are the legs interchangeable between v1 and v2? So if I need to replace a leg will the v2 legs work? As these are for sale on the store.

Also with v1, do you not need to use the supplied Matt?



Regarding your questions, from what I could tell the V2 legs are compatible with the V1, though I remember reading that the new legs have been built to be more robust. As for the mat, that’s now obsolete; you don’t need it for the V1 anymore, but you do need a phone/tablet compatible with ARCore for Android/ARKit for iOS in order to play the augmented reality games.


Thanks, I have an S9 so should be fine with ARcore.

As i said, would have loved the V2 , but with exchange rate and import fees, a $200 difference between V1 and V2 is not worth it to me, as basically they are both running the same features with the app, so for $200 less, for me, was a no brainer to go with V1.

The thing I liked looking at the V1 demos, was it had that station with revolving radar on top, looked cool, and even better the tour of the city.

Pity these are missing and through the packaging on the v2 was slightly better looking.

Anyway for me not paying an extra $200 for basically almost the same product that does the same anyway.

Looking forward to playing. Been playing the asteroids ar game, seems this can be played without mekamon, so help with getting some practice in till I wait for mine.

Also can you buy separate batteries? Would be nice to have a spare.


They’ve been good about updating content, and I’m sure we’ll see more cool augmented reality stuff in the near future.

As for batteries, they haven’t yet been made available for sale separately, but it would definitely be a welcome add-on.


Hi Denodan! :slight_smile:

Legs are interchangeable - v2 legs will work fine on a v1 body, or a mix of both. (They look very slightly different - blue vs grey rubber feet, slightly different decals), but all will work :smile: