Moma Needs a New Pair of Shoes!


I like driving my Mekamon outside, mostly on rough terrain. I felt a set of cleats would do some good. This has improved his rough hill climbing ability by a factor of 2 at least. Plus, I can now aerate my lawn with him!




Nice, love them, you will have to show us a video of them working.

We made snowshoes during the winter!




Here is a video. The slope is actually pretty steep - it is a little washed out and flat in the video.


Looks pretty stable!

Gait looks pretty solid on there as well. You are clearly getting pretty skilled with your free-drive settings.


This is awesome!

Really nice work, that works so well in the video! Looks pretty well made too!

Love seeing the mods people come up with :heart_eyes:


Thanks, man!


What an awesome solution!