MekaMotion: We Want Your Thoughts!


Hi guys! We’re here a couple of weeks after the launch of MekaMotion and we can see you’ve all been hard at work making some amazing MekaMon movements! We just want to check in with you all and find out what you think of the new update!

We’ve been so impressed with the animations we’ve seen shared on our social media pages, however we’ve noticed users haven’t been using the in-built feed for sharing animations with other MekaMon users. If anyone has any thoughts on why this is it would be greatly appreciated! Is it a matter of making it easier to share in this way, or are there other things stopping you from publishing your animations? Let us know!

Similarly, we’d like to ask for any other feedback you have on the feature - from the timeline screen to the library etc. We want to know about anything that’s bugging you, you wish was easier to accomplish, or that you love!

Thanks guys and happy animating!


It would be good to have a library of the built-in routines and allow users to open and examine them and to copy and paste from them into our own creations. Or at least copy and paste parts of the user uploaded motions. Currently we can’t copy and paste except within the same file.


I enjoy the new feature. The User interface is straight forward and what you’ll find in any animation / timeline editing interface. Flawless if anything.

I haven’t had much interest in downloading other users animations because I can’t see those animations in action. I wouldn’t be super thrilled if I downloaded an animation that wore out my unit’s servos. There is also spatial concerns, what was animated in your bedroom might be a disaster on my dining room table. :grimacing::grimacing:

An in-app camera would be heavy but really great even if those clips were limited to 15 seconds. Robots are fun when they are social and they nailed it with the feedback and sharing feature. I am also hesitant to grab an additional camera each time to capture what the animations can do if I don’t have a direct way to share them.

I would like to:

  • capture and save these clips to my SD
  • preview the animations before installing them


We do have a flagging system in place in which our moderators will safeguard against potentially dangerous animations, but I agree it’s still difficult to tell what an animation will have your robot doing! That’s great feedback, i’ll get the message over to our app team!


Hey all, thanks for the feedback!

@Tillery: The built-in mekamon animations are made in a different format sadly and don’t exactly translate into MekaMotion animations easily, but I do like the idea of having a library of example motions you’d be able to import - what kind of motions would you be intrested in seeing for this?

While you can make your own versions of other public animations (edit -> save on a public one creates your own version), you’re right, you can’t copy and paste between animations at the moment - that’s actually a good idea that didn’t occur to us while we were making it!

How would you like this to work? Just if you went into one animation & copied part, you could then go into another and paste? (basically preserve the clipboard between animations?)

@MekaPlayerOne Yeah, we had a few ideas about previews for animations, considering both simulations of them or recorded videos. It’s possible, and recorded videos sound like the better plan, but yeah - it’s quite a heavy thing to implement, and opens a few concerns with allowing user supplied video content in the app (with moderation, etc).

We built the reporting system to try and counteract dangerous animations in the event someone does choose to share them, and you are really concerned about it you can get a rough idea of what an animation does by opening it up in edit mode and tapping through the frames before playing it, but I wouldn’t be that worried about it!

Again - thanks for the feedback, it’s really appreciated! :sunglasses::+1:


Ok, so I’m finally getting around to playing with MekaMotion, and I’m loving it. The interface is pretty intuitive and versatile. Nice work!

One thing I’d be interested in seeing implemented is nesting animations, being able to call up one clip or more within another clip.

Another thing that could be helpful would be a way to highlight (color code perhaps?) and annotate sections, labeling them with notes like “right leg kicks out” or some such.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m really glad you’re finding it intuitive! :sweat_smile:

Nesting animations: Interesting idea - we have another tool planned that should allow something along these lines, but it’s a while away yet :slight_smile:

Annotating / colour coding sections - Ooh, this is a nice idea. Might be hard to do in a way that doesn’t clutter up the UI too much, but I can see this helping a lot when you’re making more complex animations. One issue this might bring up is how would you expect annotations to work with copy, paste and dragging? Should it move the annotations with them?

Would you want to just add in notes (i.e. Kick start, kick end) on certain frames, or label whole regions (mark the start and end of say, the kick, have it draw around that whole region with a colour / label?)


It might be easier to highlight each frame/selection of frames with a color, then assign a label/note associated with that color, such that blue frames=“kick” or red frames=“dance in a circle”.


Ah, so it’s almost like you’re tagging certain frames? So you could highlight multiple parts with the same tag?

Sounds like a really good idea! We’ll consider this for a future update :smiley:

Also, general reminder, if you make an cool animations, share them! :sunglasses: