MekaMotion tutorial issues


Was going through the MekaMotion tutorial on my iPad 9.7 and came across 2 instances where the text on the right side of the screen was being cropped off:


Cheers for pointing this out, once the guys are back from Xmas/New years break we will add this to the list.


Looks like some kind of app update glitch. Will MekaMotion ever be available for Windows? I hate making skits on little phone screens but really want to make Mekamon skits because the movement on the robot is very impressive to me.


Probably just a minor oversight… Most phones have an aspect ratio of 16:9, whereas some iPads are 4:3, which could lead to cropping off the sides.

I’d definitely be interested in a Windows MekaMon app as well, I’d love to be able to use a MekaMon with my Surface tablet.


Yeah, slight oversight when updating the tutorial with the 2.0 styling - Good catch, we’ll fix this is the next update :slight_smile:

We don’t have plans for a Windows app at the moment - I’m curious though, could you elaborate on what usability problems you’re having with MekaMotion on a phone? And what phone are you using it on?

We designed the UI primarily for phones, so if there’s anything you’re having an issue with I’d like to see if we can improve on it :slight_smile:


My issue is just that I’m terrible with gaming with more complex controls on small screens. I would love to control Mekamon with a gaming controller of some kind because I think that’s more what I’m used to. Either that or a tablet with a larger screen would be perfect for AR games. Mekamon is very fast and acrobatic, so I feel that I over move him even with a small change in controls. It’s an issue with me getting used to controls and not the app itself.