Mekamotion Contributions Sought for Robotics/Art Project


Hi there:

I am an artist-in-residence at ThoughtworksArts, [] to transform the Mekamon into a tool which mimes locative and emotive cues for a director or playwright blocking out a play/performance. The robot also will serve as an actor’s avatar in rehearsals. a stand-in for a human directed by humans. This would be fun and Mekamotions highly appreciated. We are looking for Meakmotions that combine locomotion and gesture, and degrees of gesture. More details available!!! This is the first call!!! Hope to hear from you!


This is the wide view of emotions. Not at all necessary to capture ALL of them. One from each degree of any emotion would be great. (Strong, Moderate, Mild)>


Now this would be very interesting to see if you could get all these emotions from just legs.


Do you have any sample MekaMotions uploaded so we can get an idea what you’re looking for?


Hi Chris,
we wont be going for all of them at least at first!


Hi Benerator:
Yes, of course that will be good. Post as soon as I an after weekend. Thanks!


I"d love to work with you! Get in touch. Chuck


There is a high pitched whine coming out of the Mekamon. Is this an indication of a problem? It continues whether I am using it or not. It is intermittent.


That definitely doesn’t sound normal. Can you tell if it’s coming from the body or the legs? Perhaps try separating and re-attaching the legs and see if that does anything.


Hey Chuck,

Its most likely coming from just one joint, if you by hand apply force to that joint doest it start and stop the noise?

If so, please contact our customer support and briefly explain that.


"We have a marvelous opportunity to film the Mekamon with the giant industrial arm robot at The Consortium for Research and Robotics. http//

We need to put a series of gestures in a timeline so that for the camera people to shoot where we can play one at a time, stop where we want, and continue on. We want to have it so if a human has to be involved, they only have to do is Press for the next one and they can go back and forth in the (list/timeline). There will be up to 30 gestures by the Mekamon”


  1. Can we export our Mekamotions to Swift Plaayground so we can make whatever arrangement we want? Or is it that we would have to build them all over again in Swift?
  2. Is there a way to order the Mekamotions in Mekamotion so we have in a list arranged any other way than by “last one made on top”? We tried alphabetically and that didnt work.