Mekamon V2 personality


Hello there,
the new Mekamon is the best gadget I ever get. It is so innovative and makes very fun.
In the description we can read that he has his own personality. His moves are unique and he reacts like an animal, but it is possible that he can move without control and makes a few steps alone?
And another question: I bought him before a few days for 280 euros in a german Apple Store. Now the price is on 230 euros. Is it normal that the price is so instabil?

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile:


Is the pricing lower at the Apple store, or are you referring to the online price? The lower pricing on the MekaMon online store is a special promotion to celebrate Boxing Day, I believe the sale runs until the end of the year.

If the price is lower at the Apple store, you can try reaching out to them and see if they have a price guarantee, they might refund you the difference.


Hey Carsten,

I’m glad you like the MekaMon. We are adding new features to the Robots firmware every month or so. We are aiming to slowly bring more and more automatous behaviours online every time.

The pricing is only under our control on our website and Amazon (we sometimes run deals on both, as Benerator states we had a deal running for boxing day). The price other retails charge is set by them and we only can offer guidance on this price.


Yes, I like him. I have a few other robots, for example Cozmo, but I’ve never seen something like MekaMon. I’m excited of the devolpment. Thank you for this great support :slight_smile: