Mekamon V2 on the way!


I knew an update was coming, but V2? That’s exciting! :slight_smile: I’ll be curious to find out if the new hardware coming out will have any other differences or possible upgrades beyond the cosmetic. Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Dam you are quick!

I swear you know our news before we even know it. Are you a spy in an office?


:speak_no_evil: Shhhh :grinning:





I just read the blog post about how the V2 update will be injecting personality into MekaMon, which is brilliant. One thing I’ve wondered is if this will be carried over into the fictional backstory. Do the MekaMon have AI like the Tachikomas in “Ghost in the Shell”, or are they more akin to an animal intelligence? Do the pilots have conversations with their mechs? Give them nicknames, maybe scold them like Tony Stark does to his robots? Just some geeky curiosity regarding the fantasy worldbuilding aspect :slight_smile:


There’s loads of MekaMon Universe updates coming to the app with V2! The MekaMon Universe sees different companies using MekaMon for different means - so some are put to work for agricultural purposes and others for deep space explorations, while others are household battle friends - all their personalities are different according to their roles!