MekaMon V2 Is Here!


Happy Launch Day MekaPilots!

MekaMon V2 is now here, which means you can update your robots’ firmware and your MekaMon app to receive all the latest goodies! Check out what’s new in V2 on our brand new blog and jump into the action!

Please remember, there’s a lot beaming into your phones and robots with this update, so don’t be worried if your updates take a while to complete!

As always, we’re here to help with any issues you have! Excited to see what you get up to!


Congrats on the V2 launch! I haven’t been able to fully put the app through its paces, but here are some initial notes:

  • Very slick presentation, looks fantastic. Will take some getting used to, being so radically re-designed.
  • I was disappointed to find that my phone isn’t compatible with ARCore and wouldn’t be able to use the AR Skirmish feature on it, but luckily I recently acquired a 5th Gen iPad which is compatible, so “Yay!”
  • The firmware update took considerably longer than the 15 minutes suggested.
  • Noticed some weird behavior on the firmware update progress screen (this was on my Galaxy Note 5 with Android)… When I would tap on the progress bar container, the bar would move to where I tapped. Eventually it would snap back to where the actual progress level was, but it was odd.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Again, congratulations on the launch, all the hard work you’ve put into it is definitely palpable. :grinning:


Thanks Benerator for the awesome feedback :smile:

Firmware updating times: Yeah, sorry about that, we should have a patch release coming out in the next week or so addressing that, slower/older devices may take longer to process the firmware update in the current build

Progress bar being interactable: Hah, completely missed that one! We’ll put a fix into the next version for that!

ARCore compatibility: Yeah, this one is a shame, but there’s nothing we can really do about it :frowning: More devices are slowly getting ARCore support, so fingers crossed yours will turn up, but this one is up to the device manufacturers really. Glad you had a device that supported it! :slight_smile:


Now that V2 is out, I’m curious. Outside of the cosmetic differences, are there any significant changes “under the hood” with the new V2 Mekas? Is there anything they can do that the V1 Mekas can’t?


Ultimately No, they cant do anything extra in terms of hard features, they are just stronger, a little faster and a hell of a lot more reliable.

We have spent a lot of time improving our leg connections and gearboxes, to keep you guys gaming for longer.


the V2 Mekamon is the V1 with new decals ? right ?
no hardware change or anything ?
can someone confirm this ?
(im talking about the robot here not the app)
Thanks in advance


According to the previous post, the hardware was improved to be sturdier and more reliable.


Hi S199!

V2 has been created to ensure a lower price tag with improved durability and reliability. That means our AR tracking capabilities have been improved and we’ve made engineering improvements in our leg mechanics. We noted that a lot of users were concerned about leg clicking and other gameplay reliability issues so our updated unit fixes these issues, in the ways Chris mentions above.

The main chassis of the robot has undergone some minor cosmetic changes - the new colour, a headpiece on the front, and the removal of some lights at the back, but all the work is really under the hood.

These advancements do also allow V2 units to run the latest firmware update with more ease than V1s, though they can still handle it!