MekaMon stealth mod


I was at the pet store and came across some mini tennis ball dog toys, and it gave me an idea…


Haha looks great - can it walk fine with them on?! This would be good for lowering the body height and walking speed to sneak up on someone!


I posted a video on Instagram, when you tweak the movement settings, it could be a ninja… a ninja with loud gears.


That’s amazing - a little weird hearing it move without its footsteps!


Ahaha, that’s awesome, might start sneaking tennis balls onto all the mekamon in the office… :hear_no_evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

How’d it handle different gait settings / walking on different surfaces with those attached? I’d imagine it slides around a bit of more smooth surfaces?


It does slide around a bit on smooth flooring, the farther away the feet are from the body. I imagine it would have difficulty progressing up a sloped surface :slight_smile:



Watching the video this is what comes to mind.