Mekamon rigged and ready for unity


Lag due to carelessness. Something something OBS settings.


This is awesome! :smiley:

Pity about OBS being fiddly and making things lag! :frowning: I’ve definitely had that happen before!

What’re you gonna do with it in unity? :smiley:


Hi MekaPlayerOne

I’m Jim, Animator & Generalist here at Reach Robotics. This is really cool!

I thought it might help you know the rotational limits on the joints we use here as that helped me create believable animations in Unity. I chose to enforce this in the rig but you don’t really need to if you’re not exporting to the physical robot as well. Its then just a good guide when you come to animating. Attached is a picture.

If you have any questions give me a shout and i’ll do what I can to answer!




This was actually very helpful. I’m at it a bit this week trying to wrap my head around gait, etc.


For the walk cycles in game I filmed reference of our MekaMon locomoting. MekaMon currently has two distinct gaits ‘trot’ and ‘crawl’. One moves two legs almost simultaneously (trot) and the other moves each leg independently (crawl).

Feel free to post WIP animations or whatever you like and I’ll see if I can offer some useful feedback.