Mekamon rigged and ready for unity


Lag due to carelessness. Something something OBS settings.


This is awesome! :smiley:

Pity about OBS being fiddly and making things lag! :frowning: I’ve definitely had that happen before!

What’re you gonna do with it in unity? :smiley:


Hi MekaPlayerOne

I’m Jim, Animator & Generalist here at Reach Robotics. This is really cool!

I thought it might help you know the rotational limits on the joints we use here as that helped me create believable animations in Unity. I chose to enforce this in the rig but you don’t really need to if you’re not exporting to the physical robot as well. Its then just a good guide when you come to animating. Attached is a picture.

If you have any questions give me a shout and i’ll do what I can to answer!




This was actually very helpful. I’m at it a bit this week trying to wrap my head around gait, etc.