Mekamon friends


So, this forum can be a little quiet and i still prefer to connect with mekamon players on social media. Does anyone have a facebook? fB groups are awesome however, all the robotics groups dont really Care about gaming robot “toys” and all the robot toy groups arent really into real robots … So I’m thinking a solution. On top of that no one in Japan can get a mekamon so none are really interested either.

I’m posting everything AR/Gaming/Robotics at this link:

Topics include Ganker, Mekamon, AR, CG, Artwork all with a focus on Next level gaming tech and Robotics. I will also be posting some of my own AR / Robot builds so dont be shy and PLEASE do promote yourselves and your pics, photos.

Also I am looking for other admins if youre up for taking on a role in supporting these newer gaming platforms.

See you there?

(Mind my grammar/formatting my window is tiny)