MekaMon 2.1.0 & Firmware 2.16


Hey guys. We’ve just made 2.1.0 available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s probably our biggest content release ever, including:


  • Meteoroids 2.0–now with markerless technology
  • AR Freeplay–create a hugely customisable AR game, and battle it out
  • AR Survival–battle waves of opponents. How long can you survive?
  • Discovery–explore new depths of MekaMon lore
  • Holiday themes!


  • Huge performance improvements throughout the app
  • Improved connectivity with your robot
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Some other things include some improved translations, tweaked IR performance in Battle and better feedback when choosing loadouts, and quite an overhaul of the connectivity with your robot, including some visual updates, and signal strength. You should also see more consistent performance from iOS, a reduced energy impact on both platforms, and some more stability on older/more unusual Android devices.

We’ve also added some fun winter theming, and special additions on Christmas day, Boxing day, and New Years Eve and Day.

We’ve also got a new firmware version for you:

  • Longer lasting and more pronounced emotions
  • Physical reactions - try pushing your MekaMon around, and see how it reacts
  • Updated reactions to shield/weapon removal in different emotional states
  • Leg connection reactions

Let us know what you think, and if there’s anything you’d like us to add in the next release!


Got to update the app and play the new Meteoroids and AR Freeplay… There’s a lot to unpack, so it might take a while to wrap my mind around all the new stuff, but what I’ve seen so far is really cool!


Ok, got to try AR Survival for the first time, it was intense! One thing I’d like to see implemented is some sort of power-up system, perhaps having destroyed enemies or dynamic objects leaving behind energy cores the player can pick up to replenish their MekaMon health.


We’re looking to do this already actually! We might be able to sneak this into a planned late January release, but no promises :D.


Btw the dynamic objects in AR Freeplay are a fun addition. I was wondering if contact with them causes any damage effects; it would be cool if you could cause collateral damage to your opponent by say, exploding a fuel barrel next to them, or hitting a sentry pole and causing it to topple on top of your enemy.


That’s a great idea. Yeah, putting destructible scenery in was a bit of a test. But integrating it into other AR modes, and expanding on its mechanics, is definitely something we’ll try.