MEKACODE?...What can we do with this?


MEKACODE?..What can we do with this?


Hi Whorlok!

It’s a block-based visual programming tool, heavily based on Scratch

It’s still under heavy development, so I don’t want to make too many promises about exactly what it can and can’t do yet, but the basic idea is it lets you make your own custom ‘programs’ for the MekaMon by dragging logical blocks together - if you’re familiar with scratch this should make sense

You’ll get commands that let you tell the MekaMon what direction to walk in, to play animations, delay things for an amount of time, or until it gets certain inputs.

For some simple examples, you could make a program that will make your MekaMon walk based on how you tilt your phone, or string together a sequence of walking directions, animations etc to create more complex routines / animations.

You’ll also be able to make more complicated programs than these - the more inputs / outputs we can add the more creative you can be - the idea is you’ll (eventually) have access to any of the inputs and outputs that robot has, and some of the inputs / outputs of your device as well :slight_smile:

Hope that clears it up a bit, let me know if you have any more questions :blush:


Is Mekacode windows/Mac based or mobile phone based? I prefer to program on computer vs phone platforms because large screens and better view. I hope the same for Mekamotion and AR features at some point too, even though I haven’t yet trying to port it to Bluestacks or other emulators yet. I love the gaming aspect of mekamon but prefer the old school computer based gaming to tiny phone screen apps.


For now, we’re only targeting iOS/Android devices

Small screen sizes is an issue that’s hard to design for this kind of program though, a large phone / a tablet is recommended, although sadly android tablets are fairly rare these days


That is so true. I’m just really bad at coding and controls on small screens because I’m used to big laptops and stuff for that. I’m looking for an android tablet to play Mekamon games on but not sure what to get. I also would love to control him with an Xbox controller or something similar too. The bot is so fast and acrobatic, but my ability to control him on the small screen is lacking.