Meka Docking station (3d print)


i made a simple docking station for the Mekamon, unfortunatelly i dont have my 3d printer back before next week so i can not print test it.
there is no garantee it fits well (still it should ), just sharing in case someone wanna print it !

ps : dev, feel free to publish 3d dummy model of the meka or vector file :slight_smile: that will help a lot creating 3d models !





Did a quick print :slight_smile: works well and looks awesome, thanks!


awwwww dang, that looks nice, cant beleive it fits !
i still dont have my 3dprinter back :frowning: cant wait to test it and improve it.
thanks for printing that one


Very nice! Great job. Please make more stuff for this robot!


no thanks … its all patented, they dont want people to 3d print stuff, its been two years that bot is out and as you can see (on thingiverse for exemple) there is not a single 3d file available … there is a ton for cozmo tho ( )