"Mecha Monsters"


With the advent of the V2 release, I thought it was interesting to see how far things have come since this video was made:

It strikes me how much of the original vision stayed the course from the very beginning, with the smartphone control, augmented reality, and user-created custom moves, amongst other things. The callback to the original head designs with the added faceplate is also a nice touch. So cool!


Awww reminiscing over here! We realised the face plate would actually help users work out which way is the front of the robot! Silas looks so young in these early vids too!


Ahhhh man I hate this video!!

This was back when only Silas and myself where full time(ish) and everyone else (Dan, JR were part time contracting). We made those prototypes the days before hand, and once painted we ruined all the joints.
We hadn’t slept for almost two and a half days straight by the time filming rolled round for the black robot. So many parts failed just before filming the black robot. The black robot ended up being mostly smoke and mirrors to make it work (I’m hiding under near the robot controlling it with switches. We then had to head straight to the airport to fly to Austria to sell the idea to investors with the working white robot.
All the filming of the white robot was done at my parents house at 2am on the way back from Austria. Was the only time/place the film crew could come back to film.

All in all, i hate this video and i’m fairly sure it took years off my life.


I find it great to hear behind-the-scenes stories like this, so thanks for that… The years it may have taken off your life translated into a slick, forward-thinking presentation that I’m sure sparked the imaginations of a lot of people like myself, so that’s something. :smile:


This is the video that gets found in an abandon arcade 100 years from now long after Silas has uploaded himself into the grid.


Nah, its more likely me uploading him to the grid after his untimely death, then minutes later realising my terrible mistake, or years of west world style failed attempts to make a clone of him. (Having to burn the room down every few weeks)