Loggin from ipad and iphone


When I log out of the app from my iphone and then try to log in on my password, I cannot gain access.
Is it that the app can only work from one device? So if I am sharing the robot with a cohort they cannot gain access even when my app on my iphone is closed?


meant logging in on my ipad when Im logged out of my iphone


Hi there. You can only have one concurrent session with your login. Currently, if you simply close the app, that won’t end your session, so you won’t be able to log in from another device until your first session automatically expires (1 hour). However, if you tap your name at the top right of the app, and log out manually, you should immediately be able to log in from a different device.

This is currently a bit awkward; sorry about that. We’re looking at how we can improve this.


Whenever I try using Photoshop on more computers than my license allows, I get a popup asking if I want to sign off the other computers in order to log in… Perhaps something like that could be done, a way to log off the previous device/end any other open sessions remotely?


Thats a good idea benerator, more information on why the issue is happening is probably useful here.

For us its not a license issue, its about session data, so that we can track your ingame stats (like match wins and creature kills, we are planning to show you all of them soon) we need to link it back to your login details. That all breaks down thou if there was multiple instances of the same user on at the same time playing games against themselves. This isnt the case here so its a hole in our system. We need to further explore how users move between devices during game play. All this feedback from you guys is great.


Chris and Benefactor:
Thanks for the info and suggestion. For us its somewhat an issue . I am an artist creating a project where Mekamon is an instrument of planning for theater directors. In our division of labor we need to hand over a Mekamon that already has saved Mekamotion animations from one researcher to another. It would be prohibitive for us to have separate robots for every part of our research, plus one researcher then doesnt benefit from the efforts of another. Im in touch with Kieron and soon Silas but I wanted to post any issues to your terrific forum rather than approach them individually till Im sure of the answers. Thanks for your promptness in responding.


That’s intriguing. One possible workaround would be to upload the MekaMotion animations to the cloud/publish publicly to be downloaded as needed, unless there are so many that it would be unwieldy/impractical.


Hi Benerator:
This would be so helpful, there is that capacity already in the Mekamon app?


Yes, you can upload to and download animations from MekaCentral within the app.


Thanks Benerator:
I assume you mean the “publishing” part of the app? Not the cloud per se? Or is there something else?

The issue there is that all our research will be intermingled with everyone else’s and hard to locate.
Its fine for everyone to have access to them, but - Chris ----If we could make a folder so all our research was in one place?


Yes, I was referring to the “publishing” aspect. As far as keeping the research organized, you could try creating a naming convention to easily identify your animations, like “THEATER_Anim_Description” or some such.

That brings up a possible MekaMotion feature suggestion, perhaps creating a tagging system, like hashtags, to be able to sort through animations, e.g. #boogie #dancemoves #whateverelse


@awortzel: Just to clarify, as docjaq mentioned, you can quickly switch between an account on two devices aslong as you log out of your account on the first device first.

For example, on your iPhone, after you’re with the robot on that device, tap your tap in the top right and hit log out. You then should immediately be able to log in from the iPad.

If you background the app, or just close the app, you’ll have to wait for the session to expire.

Is this log-in log-out process still too much of a hassle?

The other option, would be to use multiple accounts and publish the animations. You can install public animations which will let you play them all easily from a separate list of just the ones you’re interested in (but you will have to find each one and subscribe to them from the other account)

That way you have a list of just the animations you care about, as such:

We haven’t implemented a tagging system yet (as suggested by @Benerator), but it’s a nicety we’d like to add in the future!

Does that help?


All of this has been incredibly helpful. Thanks so much, its great to be part of this community.
So just a couple of additional questions. So the first problem- of logging out manually to switch to ipad is solved for the moment (I dont have an ipad here so I wont be able to test it till next week.). But yes, when we begin to work hard and fast, with researchers taking different turns on one Mekamon, it will be a little awkward - but it is a way to work that out.

Whats also a bit cumbersome is being able to isolate the animations we upload for download so they can be easily be downloaded in a group when searched for by our researchers (and anyone else) Is it valid to say we can safely tag them ourselves in naming them ? Its going to be difficult to keep track. It will be awkward with more than one researcher uploading many animations. We are trying to work out subtle human expression – HA - http://humanemotionschart.com/



Now Im wondering if this community would want to participate in this, it might be incredible fun and together we might do much more. Is it possible to put out a call?


I’m certainly game to try :slight_smile: what’s the criteria? You might want to create a separate topic/forum thread to give it some visibility.


YAY! Will run it by my cohort and then do that!!! Thanks!