Guess whos back


whats new in the Mekamon scene ? its been a while i gave up but as its still not sold (wondering why) i tough i would remove the dust and give it another try. Currently going thru the painful firmware update that takes ages.
i checked the forum but theres not much going on apparently.
still no 3d dummy model available ? had a look at thingiverse but theres not a single model available ( since 2016 ?)
anybody alive ?


looks like everybody’s on holiday.


18 days ago
check one two


This might help:


great … that was the plan, wasnt it … anyway
any chance u loot the office and ship a few working meka legs, still running v1 and legs are weak af.

edit : and yeah, feel free to leak the 3d model now … so finally, maybe, after all this time being denied, we will be able to 3d print funny stuff for that meka.