Good programs to film AR?


Happy holidays everyone! I’m Einfari and I got a Mekamon v2 for Christmas. I’m a robot enthusiast and collector, so I’m really excited about Mekamon. His movements are amazing and he’s super fast. Still trying to figure the controls out though with my phone. Do any of you here film your AR battles or have a certain program to do that with? I was wondering if I could broadcast it to my laptop or get a Samsung tablet to run livestreams for my YouTube channel. I think that would be fun to livestream these bots. I don’t know much about screen sharing or capturing with android, so if anyone has ideas I’d love to know more about them!


For Android I’ve used an app called AZ Screen Recorder in the past, seems to work pretty good. For iOS, there’s a built-in screen recording function that I’ve been using with my iPad. I haven’t tried livestreaming at all; someone here tried broadcasting to Twitch I think, but the output was spotty/glitchy.


Thanks! I just downloaded it and will try it late tonight when I get done with work. I’d love to get these bots more attention on YouTube because having battle leagues for them would be a lot of fun. I haven’t use twitch yet, but since I have a Google phone, I wonder if I could YouTube livestream with hangouts.


I’ve been posting recordings of AR games to Youtube, mostly for sharing to Reddit and Twitter:


These look like they screen capture really well! I don’t have Reddit or Twitter to post much of my bot stuff but have been doing a YouTube for quite a while. I subscribed to your channel and can’t wait to check out the videos after my lovely double shift. Here is the link to my channel, although I don’t have any Mekamon stuff there yet.