Customized Beta unit WIP (COMPLETED)


Here’s a WIP of a project I’ve been meaning to work on for a while, customizing my Beta MekaMon prototype and giving it a weathered look. The story goes that a scavenger came across the remains of several prototype units destroyed in battle and cobbled together a complete one using whatever parts he could salvage…


Love it! :heart_eyes: It looks awesome!

Always great to see people customizing their MekaMon!

How’d you make the patch parts on the shields?


Thanks! The patch parts are strips of styrene; the rivets were embossed using a small holepunch with minimal pressure.


Added some weathering, a couple kitbash parts (not glued down yet), will probably add patch panels to the main body and go back in with more paint.


I’m always so impressed with your work, starting to wonder who develops more Mekamon tech, me or you.


Looks cool -


Latest progress pics:


Looking even more awesome! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You know you cant return it now if it gets broken!!!


Pfft, it’s worth more now :upside_down_face:


Added some more greeblies, pretty happy with the density of detail…


Here’s the finished piece!



Ahhh those shields look awesome!!


Oh damn, with the graffiti on the shield they look SO GOOD! :heart_eyes:


This is beautiful! If I were to ask you a good starting place to learn to paint robots like that @Benerator where would it be?


Thanks! I found that some of the techniques described in this tutorial were helpful:

I’d say also look up tutorials on weathering scale model tanks, essentially anything you can do with a tank will look good on a robot :slight_smile:


On a super quick scan that looks like a great resource - thanks! (also “Anything you can do with a tank will look good on a robot” :star_struck:)