Creating Mekamon Account on second device for second Mekamon


Hi there, help~
I have a Mekamon app account for my DonQ (robot number 1).
Im trying to create one for my second Mekamon.
I am using the same first and last name, the same email account, different password,Password has one upper case letter and one number, and is 8 characters.
I am getting the “Login Failed” message suggesting I contact Mekamon.
I am hoping ot use both robots tonight for a meeting. It might be helpful to have a posting as to registering and working several Mekamons at once.
Thank youl.


I think you’re going to need a different email account for the 2nd MekaMon, as I believe MekaCentral accounts are tied to email addresses.

Barring that, you might also try logging in to the 2nd MekaMon as Guest.


Thanks!!! I was just about to post that I recruited someone to make an account on the second robot.
But even when each of us connecaed to each of our devices with different identities, emails , etc. and we know the bluetooth device id numbers for each—when one of us was connected to the bot they were registered to, the other user couldnt connect to the other one .


That’s odd. Only other suggestions I could think of are to make sure both Mekas are disconnected, and then try reconnecting. Wish I could be of more help.


You are helpful. Thank you.
Could the bluetooth not operate well if we are right next to each other?


I don’t think the Bluetooth for the MekaMon would cause that kind of interference, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to battle each other :slight_smile: Have you tried emailing


Hey @awortzel! This is interesting, would you be able to disconnect from each robot, force quit the apps, and switch off the bluetooth on your devices. Then can you reload everything and let me know how you fare?