Bluetooth trouble


Hi everyone
We are in film production now and having a bluetooth problem

If Bluetooth is on but not working what does this mean if I

  1. Logged out and closed bluetooth on one device and logged in and tried on a new device.
  2. Changed the battery to one that was fully charged.
  3. Removed the shields and the legs and put them back in different places.

and the app (on ipad or iphone) sees the Mekamon but cannot connect to it because there is o bluetooth signal even though bluetooth is turned on.

Thannk you.


So the app can see the robots but cant connect to them?


Thanks so much for responding.
Yes, the app sees the robot but the Bluetooth was wavering and then went down after working great for about 45 minutes. Can this have to do with battery life? I was also on their wifi network. I switched devices at this point (ipad to iphone) but that didnt do anything.
Last night at home I put a fully charged battery in the same Mekamon here, without any shields, and it lasted 2 hours, which is more than we expect. So do the shields have anything to do with the bluetooth? Lets say-- If one shield is on upside down (Today Ill try it with 2 Mekamons and 2 fully charged batteries one with shields and one without, but in my space, not in theirs.


Wheres tabs nowadays?


Sorry- I dont understand the question.


Yeah, battery life can make the BLE flaky near the end of charge.

The shields shouldn’t have any effect on the BLE (By shouldn’t i mean we have never seen an effect).

What is the build version of your Mekamon, it will be inside the battery housing on the robot. Will start with 101-PA.


Tabs is still about. I just like to talk to much!


Hi Chris:
I have two here in my studio, 3 more are at Thoughtworks .

The two here seem to have the same number:
101-PA 000101-BA-01


Hey Adrianne,

So you seeing the same problem across all 5 or is it just the two you have with 101-PA 000101-BA-01 numbers?

Could I get the part numbers from all of them?



Ill get the other part numbers today. We only had one with us on location. Bluetooth has been fine at my studio and at Thoughtworks. We only have access to our production location at the Consortium for Research and Robotics on Thursdays. I will try and bring as many as possible this Thursday with fully charged batteries too.


Thanks Chris/


By the way, am I correct in that there is no way to register more than one Mekamon to the same email address?


Yeah you cant have more than one active robot at anyone time on the device. Its pretty quick to discounted and join a new one.


Thanks Crhis,
its just Im running out of email addresses :slight_smile: Asking strangers on the street …
(just joking about the strangers)


Hey Awortzel,

Any more word on the BLE stuff?



Hi Chris: Thanks for following up.
I took two of them to our shoot location and the one that wouldnt get a bluetooth signal on insertion of a fully charged battery after the first battery runs down acted like that again, while the second robot was fine.
I cant think of an explanation, can you? If its that particular robot.


it might be an issue with just that robot.

Is it causing you real problems for your filming and work?


Well yes
We counted on all 5 to work with and the one that doesnt work is one that I personally paid $399 for (I bought three of them from your U.S. Distributor. ) That blew the budget.
Its a bummer all around because I also want to use them for live performance, like maybe one at Apple stores.


Ok, I’ll figure out a solution.