Black boxes instead of image sprites in Meteoroids? (UPDATE: FIXED)


Was playing some Meteoroids on my back porch and ran across this problem:

For some reason, some of the game sprites are showing up as black boxes.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Tried closing all other apps
  • Uninstalled, then reinstalled
  • Rebooted phone

No luck with any of the above, any other suggestions?


Meteoroids got a court injunction against us, we are no longer allowed to show their faces or talk about them in print media!! I’m in breach of the order by just talking about this.

Interesting catch, the app team are looking into it, Which device are you on for this?



I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with Android 7.0.


Here’s a video clip of it in action:


Thanks Benerator!

Strange - this looks like an issue with one of post-processing effects we use, I’ve seen this issue before on a small subset of devices, but it was fixed on them. I’m surprised to see this on the Note 5, but that is a device we don’t have in house to test on :disappointed_relieved:

Has this always happened on that device? (Does this happen every run? Did the same thing happen on previous versions of the app, if you know?)


This is the first time I’ve noticed this happening, I’ve played the game without this issue in previous versions of the app. It’s appeared the last handful of times I’ve tried playing Meteoroids; I’ve played the battle simulator since the latest update and didn’t see this problem.

EDIT: I can confirm that the problem only seems to occur with Meteoroids. I just tried playing a few rounds of both games, and Meteoroids had the issue, while the AR Battle game was fine.


Yeah, the effect isn’t present in other AR games. We’ll take a look, and try and release a hotfix soonish. In other news, expect a complete AR re-write/release later in the year…

Thanks for the heads-up.


Just downloaded the latest app version with the hotfix, and Meteoroids works great :smile: Thanks for your help!


Thank you for the help. You work quicker than any QA department.