BBC Mekamon dance video


I saw this posted earlier and the synchronized Mekamon dance is so cool! What app/interface was used for it because I saw there was some kind of 3D model skit creation. Would this ever be available to the public? I would love to make custom dances for my Mekamon that I can run off my laptop. I’ve considered 3D printing parts for mine to do an Overwatch Dva mech suit costume I can use for it, as I often Cosplay as Dva. Mekamon would be the perfect mini mech suit to go along with that cosplay, given I already have 3D printed headphones and a gun for the cosplay. Looking forward for the potential to try different projects given the impressive movements this bot can do.


Hey @Einfari - we are looking to release new Raspberry Pi modules for use with MekaMon in the future as part of our educational outreach. Stay in touch with our Reach Robotics and MekaMon social channels to be the first to know when this drops!

We have quite a few 3D printing geniuses here on the forum! I see you’ve already checked out the 3D Printed Accessories thread - a cosplay build sounds awesome! Let us know how you get on with it!


I’m very much looking forward to this news! I have an unused Raspberry Pi I bought a while ago and am looking forward to trying out the new modules when they are released! I will have to look more at the 3D printed accessories to see if anyone would share files on Thingiverse. I don’t have a 3D printer, but my partner has one (if he ever gets around to fixing it). :confused: