AR Skirmish weapon triggers


After playing AR Skirmish a couple times, I wanted to mention that I do appreciate the nice clean look of the interface, but the trigger system (being able to tap anywhere on the controls) leads to occasional frustration. I would almost like to see something like the control scheme found in the former version of “Meteoroids”, where there were specific trigger “button” areas, separate from the movement controls. There have been a number of times where I’ve wanted to slightly adjust my targeting, but rather than movement it’ll register as a weapon trigger, which ends up leaving me vulnerable if it’s the secondary weapon firing. I don’t know, perhaps I can train myself to keep my thumbs on the controls at all times except for firing weapons, I’ll have to just keep playing :slight_smile:



I’ve had a similar issue - We’ll look at doing some tweaks to how the tapping / dragging decision works which might help - it might just be the tap threshold is slightly too big.

Offering more settings for choices like different control schemes is something I’d like to explore as well