A grand day out


Hello! I made a Gopro mount that clicks onto the back of Mekamon allowing for a neat view. I took Mekamon outside for a little playtime. I hope you like the video. I will post some pix of how I made the camera mount along with the molding process to make additional mounts for experimentation.


Definitely a new perspective on MekaMon, I love it! Did the MekaMon manage to survive that last bit?


Awesome video! Would be interesting to see what it would look like if you ran some motion stabilising software on it targeted at the background! Wonder if you could get the shake out a bit?

Also - the end of that video :scream:

Was the mekamon okay? :face_with_head_bandage:


I think I will try a gimbal next to smooth out the video a little.

I wish I could say “no mekamons were harmed during the filming of this movie” but I cant. He was submerged in 3 feet of water for about 20 seconds. The good news is, I took him apart, dried everything out and all is well!!! He works perfectly.


Btw, if your topic is a reference to “Wallace and Gromit”, kudos to you :smiley:


Yeah, a gimbal should work, would love to see that!

I’m always surprised when electronics survive after getting them wet, I somehow managed to spill an entire cup of tea into my router a few weeks back, all the lights went off immediately - I unplugged it as fast as I could, took it over to the sink and poured the water out of it…

Then I took the whole thing apart, dried it all out, put it back together… and somehow it’s been working fine to this day!

Really wouldn’t recommend taking a bath with your mekamon though! Glad yours survived!


I’m so glad someone caught it. It is absolutely a reference to Wallace and Gromit! Good catch my friend!


I know - It’s amazing! I thought for sure he was toast. I was going to try the old rice in a bag trick, but got impatient and unscrewed him bit by bit, even the legs to dry out the motors and pots - I sprayed many of the components with WD-40 to displace the moisture then wiped everything dry.

Your right, it’s not a good idea to soak the poor thing!


Its awesome footage. Glad to know it can live after a brief swim (Cant say I’ve ever tested it)

Yeah some post image stabilization would be cool on the background footage.

We got the Wallace and Gromit quote, we are based in Bristol UK, which is the home to Wallace and Gromit and we currently have 60 large Wallace and Gromits dotted around our city for the summer.


I love it!
The Peter Gunn music is the “art of Noise” version. An English band - Keeping with the theme.
I own a Lotus as well :smile: Maybe I’m just in the wrong country?


You are if you like very British things.


I’m late on posting this,

But we followed up with Carl @ckalkhof, on this great creation.