3d printed accessories


This is amazing.

I’m not surprised to hear that it wasbt a big hit and people truly vested in its success have bexome disillusioned. In the major reviews they clearly said the robot is amazing but the ar is weak and an undeveloped novelty at best which is how it looks to be honest though still a super cool idea which could be developed into something amazing. Though seemingly at the cost of the actual physical robot development.

Your mod is amazing and surely while the devs are unable to release any of the promised upgrades the onky alternative and you have easily outdone their generic design with something truly special.

As with robot wars I’d imagine your way is the onky way forward and the devs should be looking to encourage and support people like you while making additional money via the software maybe or official mods.

I’m sad you’re selling yours as that says it all. A hard-core enthusiast giving up from lack of progress overall.

I’d buy it as again there should be a big mod market supported by the devs as that’s what this idea leads to. Personalisation not via ar but in the real world. Pm me your email please. I’d be honoured to own something with so much love and attention even if i just displayed it with my tomy collection.

Ps I have the noodles and Olympic isobots …if you love isobot that should mean something haha


Lol my mum literally said nope because of the cat so in process of talking her round…she hates spiders…


Hi Mechlover!

MekaMon isn’t dying, don’t worry! We’re all busy working on improving it and adding new features every day, but these things take time :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve got a fairly big update coming out soon, which we should be releasing some information about in the next few days :crossed_fingers:

We love seeing people customing & adding their own personal touches to their MekaMon, but as far as I’m aware at the moment we won’t be releasing any of the Mekamon design files / models for this, and there’s some fairly complicated IP / legal issues in doing so, but things should be fairly easy to measure with a calpier, scaled photo etc, and other users have already 3d printed accessories & customised their MekaMon, and I’m looking forward to seeing more! :+1:


Hello JKeane

u are a bit unfair in your message … if its that easy to use a caliper, scale photo etc and if you know (as i posted about it) that im in trouble doing it, why dont you simply help me doing these and post some stuff you mesured yourself ? you know, just to help your beloved community (aka me) :wink:

i dont find your message very honest, you know that i tried and you know i fail at getting proper result, so why no help ?

that huge amount of PLA can easily prove i tried … i posted enough pictures previously about it (all deleted now). Took me days and days to mesure print and realise it wasnt fitting how it should …

anyway … i feel like im talking to concrete walls


Hi, @s199 @Mechlover I work as a CAD generalist for a Robotics simulation software company, I spend entire days turning real-world objects into accurate virtual models with weight, physics, scale, etc. From my experience, the process of reverse engineering a product can not only be fun but highly educational and much easier than one would assume.

Silas and his team have spent years of hard work trying and re-trying, fails, modifications, prototype after prototype and have created something quite amazing. There are tons of videos on the web where you can see some of the earlier Mekamon prototypes. One may not have all of the experience or the time to take on the task of building or modifying these existing robots but who knows, maybe after a few successful prototypes maybe you can start your own Etsy store for parts. Often releasing CAD files for a product would literally be giving a company away so this is why most companies don’t do it. That’s what maker communities are for :slight_smile:

Like it has been suggested; grab an affordable caliper, Get familiar with software like Sketchup and Fusion360, blender, and if you’re up for it, MAYA, AutoCAD or SolidWorks. You can purchase a small 3D printer or search for Maker spaces in your area, they should have all the tools you need. There are also TONS of 3d printing services out there online.

I am happy to answer any questions on the measuring, modeling, and 3D Printing process.


Hello MakaPlayerOne
i totally agree with you on everything, including the month spent developping all this.
i think the patent issue is closed now, i agree and understand its normal they dont provide these CAD file etc.
BUT so far you can not deny i tried the caliper, picture stuff etc, i really did try, alone, with no help from nobody. (glup)
and i fail, im just a hobbyist, i do that for fun, i aint expert in anything 3d, only using tinkercad and sweating big time learning blender (even if there is a million video on youtube as help)
they keep insisting its easy to do :slight_smile: but so far as easy as it is nobody gave any help. that wasnt my vision of a community. there is always a way to make “help file” leak to the internet without breaking any patent :slight_smile:


Might have to consider the product is only available in 3 countries. I wouldn’t Imagine It getting as big as Cozmo right away. It’s been less than two years for ReachRoboitcs. There is also no guarantee that this product will be their biggest product but there is literally nothing else like it so I would imagine there are some challenges. Stick around tho I bet they’re making cool stuff. Drop your mods on this facebook group to help spread awareness of Mekamon: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1798699830431048/
That’s how communities are built.

P.s I did a bit of modeling based off of an image. I will get around to scaling it someday. The locking tabs will be the hard part but will keep you updated when I am ready to share them.



that is awesome :slight_smile: but you are not allowed to do that if i understand how patent work hehe (kidding.)
this is what i wasnt able to explain properly, i never wanted to replace the original item for the bot, but just add some stuff over it if you understand what i mean.
So the piece you designed is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than i need.
actually the piece could just be a big 3d block, with only the external curves, no locking tab needed etc …
all the previous 3d model i posted were only overlaying the original addons, my intention has never been to replace their original work.

that second image you posted looks superb! great (and impressively fast) work !


The great thing about modeling them is you can scale the shield slightly to fit over existing shields. You can use a digital model as a base or guide to model additional pieces also. The same will apply to weapons. As far as customizing goes there are plenty of options. Just gotta play around^^


looks nice with the tag :slight_smile: i like it

just imagine how i sweated in tinkercad to do these, you are all 3d professional here, just look out at the mess i had to deal with for weeks :slight_smile: honestly that was fun but after a while i was carrying way to much little errors which finally made my model a bit sketchy :slight_smile:

basically i made all these (and a ton more) only adding or substracting other object :slight_smile: hell


Very cool.


Very cool. I’d buy this stuff. The current colours are so boring as are the weapons. It be amazing to have such a range as it was promised on launch but presumably due to cost vs demand that’s not a thing yet. Which is a shame as the base robots and idea are brilliant.

Is there a mod / parts area to this community?

Also where does fan art go and why isn’t there more of it? Might be cool to develop that side.


I’m hugely impressed that a year on that’s true. I’d still like to see more mods and or you just sell us more stuff and colours but still the update seems to be a big improvement. Loosing the map was a must.

Is the mat included in the v2? As it’s kinda cool …for a mat lol


:smiley: Hopefully you liked the 2.0 update? :slight_smile:

(And of course, we’re still working away on new features, expect another update for this Christmas!)

No mat with v2! There’s no need for it anymore, and not including the mat helped us bring down the cost, and with no reference to it anymore, it might’ve ended up confusing people since it’s not needed :blush:


Mekamon is the adult toy which could but hasn’t quite done yet if that makes sense. It has so much potential and continues to evole.
10-15 years ago it have been mins blowing .
Now it has to compete with so much else…that’s it’s not fair!

It does exactly what it should but it needs to do more to be all that it can. I hope In time that’s the case. Nearest thing I’ve seen to real life home robot wars! Who doesnt love that haha


I love seeing the 3D printed mods. I think buying the connector pins to add to 3D printed mods would be a great idea. I saw that someone else was thinking foot pads too. I use puppy socks for my Sony aibos because they are loud on my house’s hardwood floor and I want to avoid scratching. I know the same trick wouldn’t go as well with my Mekamon.


“I use puppy socks for my Sony aibos because they are loud on my house’s hardwood floor”

Check out @Benerator’s MekaMon equivalent!



Genius lol