3d printed accessories


I want to keep my mekamon in mint condition as much as possible and thinking to use my mekamon on rough surfaces… Lets talk 3d printing!
Any ideas how to reinforce the feet? What about a helmet… Will adding on custom parts interfere with AR features?


Speaking of reinforcing the feet… I was actually thinking, for those users who have wooden floors and neighbors living below them, maybe someone should create MekaMon socks to lessen the noise level :slight_smile: As it is, I’ve laid out rubber playmats to try and reduce the clattering…

To get back on topic, I pondered the idea of 3D printed cockpits that could possibly plug into an empty weapon port, to expand on play by adding action figures into the mix…


Lego mini figs hahaha would be hilarious.


:joy: ill get working on some stuff.


I do wamt to Know how this might affect calibration calibration tho


I was thinking about making 3D printed parts a while ago - it would be really awesome to add that level of customisation. However I believe at this point that the attachments (guns, leg shields, etc) must have some sort of identifier chip inside them. That’s the only way that the MekaMon could know what is plugged into it, and thus what to add to the deck for battles. I know the leg shields have little eight-pin chips, and I’m guessing the guns have something similar since they’re all three-pin connections. Perhaps it will be possible to make your own stuff if the SDK is released, but remember you’d still need the hardware if you want the accessories to function in-game.

Oh and I’m going to second MekaMon ‘footwear’. The noise isn’t that bad for me since I have a carpet, but I can see the silicone foot pads getting worn down fairly quickly if kids want to play with their MekaMon outside (which I think should totally be encouraged). It would be nice to have some kind of hard-wearing but still shock-absorbent shoe, or at least to be able to buy replacement feet for a reasonable price after launch.


Hi, guys, I’ll grab one of the design team to jump in on this thread to deliver some more specific answers - there are some great questions and ideas in here though.

afroboticists: :joy: ill get working on some stuff.

Cannot wait to see the results.


sounds cool

I am not thinking so much as to getting into any embedded add-ons. Just simple light weight covers to protect the shell from scratches, Simple feet covers, and maybe a helmet to protect the blue plastic if flipped over.


Hey Guys,

Light weight covers would not be a problem for the MekaMon.

Some of you may have seen the video

Our first tweet from the team behind the mekamon development. Looks like we are starting to get our feet. pic.twitter.com/3zfrlNy0rN

— Devs@ReachRobotics (@MekaMonDev) February 21, 2017

Posted a while ago (and yes I really need to keep posting to the account) shows some of our work on balancing, down the line this will allow the MekaMon to have heavier items or walk on rough terrain (within reason) and not have a problem.

On the topic of Add-ons, yes as some of you have seen there are chips inside every add-on. Every single part that makes up your MekaMon contains a chip, with an ID. For the main body and legs, these chips also keep constant track of the health of your robot, the mileages (so you brag about who has travelled the furtherest) , any errors/faults. Over time this data will help us improve the product and provide you with insight on what’s happening with your robot. The ID for your robot can be found inside the battery case, on the labels on the packaging carton (brown box) and on the carry case (the nice box).

For the Add-ons, these IDs tell the MekaMon what is plugged in, and what it can do with the Add-on.


Kicks for my Meka. I will post links for the download once I fit them. I’m unsure how a meka will walk on smoother surfaces however. We shall see. the factory rubber feet dimensions are somewhere around 9/16 X 5/8 X 1/2 x 1/4 the walls of the print are no thicer than 1/16.

Apply a dap of hot glue to the caps. The caps fit snug like a glass slipper.




long video of some walk tests with the 3d printed feet. There is nothing special about them, they are simple covers with no tread. I did notice that at some point the left hind leg we limp… what can this be? :thinking:


here is the .OBJ file for the feet caps

Mekamon Parts 3D model

Nice job, those shoes stay on very well! What did you print them out of?

Very strange about that one leg dropping out, but it looks like someone else has had the same problem, and I myself have had one of the shield lights act a bit strange. I hope it isn’t an issue common to all the units, and that it’s just maybe a software thing.


The feet were printed with 0.2kg PLA from makerbot https://store.makerbot.com/filament/pla-small/


the whole of components in the feet could be wrapped up in a foam, which absorb the screeching noise and stamping on the floor. plus also, a play area mat can be develop such that the MekaMon wont go beyond the set area of the mat which will absorb every movement noise coming the the MekaMonon the floor area.


I don’t own mekamon but might soon. I really like the orange and yellow version and have been waiting for the discussed coloured accessories but nothing has been released or posted in 2018…which is odd. I worry the product hasn’t sold and will die as it is so it will be left to the users to keep it alive. I collect Tomy isobots (I have 3) and they were just abandoned but som w of us kept it alive for a while. I’m hoping mekamon is a huge success.

So i was wondering can you buy the meka armour /gun kits and paint them and if so what would be the best way to so this?

Also 3d printing seems a solid way to go with new weapons etc. Maybe decals too.


Hey @Mechlover! You can grab some extra shields and gun units from our store https://uk.store.mekamon.com if you’re looking to customise your MekaMon! This thread has some great ideas for getting started 3D printing some accessories!


isobot was and is still the best robot ever, its 10 years old now and i still enjoy mine so much.
incredible piece of technology for that time.

regarding the mekamon, its easy to figure out about the succes i guess, no youtube user video (or fake one), forum is dead, and their facebook is a bit of a giant PR campaign. i dont want to be mean saying that, its just the truth.

reagrding the 3d print stuff, i guess im not allowed anymore to talk about it, im in conflit with reach robotic regarding that point … they patented every millimeter of design and therefor they are not allowed to share anything. (which is pita to develop 3d addon, i guess they prefer to sell them instead of us printing them).
i spend hours and hours trying to adapt 3d addon to the meka and the team never ever wanted to give any help (becasue of the patent thing they not allowed to do so…)

regarding the update, well, still waiting as well, and it seems they are only focusing on AR, which i really hate and find totally useless (personnal opinion).

BUT, the mekamon is really an awesome piece of robot, its just lacking the basics like independant leg movement etc.

here is a few pictures of my robot before i definitelly quit customising it (as i was not welcome to do so).
its on sale if anyone is interested, just PM me. only external non destructive mods, and i played 1 hours with it in 4 month .


I’ve never really thought about modding mine - i just like scaring the dog in free drive :smiley: that’s a sick looking robot to